Second to Nunn was started due to my passion for photography and having travelled extensively it has given me the experience to photograph Nature, People, Landscapes and many other interesting and challenging subjects.
They say do not work with Animals and Children. However in my travels I have worked with both on several wildlife safari shoots and also having visited underprivileged schools and villages over Africa and Central America.
If it is a wild animal in Kenya or a Ballerina on stage. "A Photo Can Tell A Story"
I have also completed several photography courses including Wedding and Studio photography which has given me a broad range of photography skills.
Having a wife that teaches Musical Theatre has given me the opportunity to photograph several shows. With some of the children as young as 3 years old and sometimes up to 30 of them aged 3-6 at any one time is certainly interesting. Flexible is the word you have to be along with forgetting any schedule you may have put in place and go with the flow!